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Archives humaines vol.1

Title : Archives humaines vol.1
Label : Sépulkrales Katakombes
Format : cassette, compilation, limited edition, C100
Country : Belgium
Released : 1996
Style : industrial, ebm, techno, noise, ambient, etc.

A01. DSIP - Haleine (Remix) [Germany]
A02. Bruce Atchison - Martian Archeology [Canada]
A03. Entrata Aperta - Classical Shit [Italy]
A04. Deleted - Buto XVII [France]
A05. Nigredo - Cantione Profana II [Portugal]
A06. Cacophony '33' - Fabrication [United Kingdom]
A07. Coitus - One Concrete Fairytale [Sweden]
A08. Tek Machine - Resolution-Off 03 (Another Mix) [Chile]
A09. Sphinx - Wart Is Love [South Africa]
A10. In Absentia - Dissolve (Remix) [Denmark]
A11. Morbid Fancy - Don't Be Afraid [Slovakia]
A12. Simbolo - Ballistic Resistance [Brazil]
A13. Sequela - Perished [Malta]
B01. Bulimia - Patriotenlied [Finland]
B02. Schistosoma - Vaccum-1 [Poland]
B03. Clan Ov Lung U.P.C. - Puncture That Hole [Australia]
B04. Yximalloo - Sway Of The Spirit [Japan]
B05. Axiome - Axiome 155 (Der Kirchhof) [Belgium]
B06. De Fabriek - Untitled [Netherlands]
B07. Wejdas - Išnykusios Civilizacijos Veidas [Lithuania]
B08. Architect's Office - AO 806 [United States]
B09. Herb Mullin - Lbsom (Belgisk Remix) [Norway]
B10. I.Q.C.M. - Don Hígado En Las Montañas Rojas [Spain]
B11. Heliogabalos - Hack [Greece]
B12. United Gods - 36 [Hungary]

Cover design by Olivier Dinant
Compiled by C-drík

This is a compilation cassette I published in 1996. I wanted to collect and release tracks of artists coming from as many countries as I could find, back then without the internet, only by sending letters and flyers in an envelope, that took ages to organise all this.
The sound quality or volume(s) are not always the best ever but it is still fine.

This was the 12th and last release of my tape label.
Some of those artists never stopped composing like Yximalloo (now a solo project), one of the pioneers of DIY experimental music in Japan active since 1979, De Fabriek, another artist/group of artists active since the 1970's, Axiome in which I still play since around 1990, United Gods, Wejdas, Deleted aka Klimperei, etc., some vanished it seems (Bulimia, Coitus, Nigredo...), others started new projects (Herb Mullin was in fact Lasse Marhaug, Sphinx was a project of Jay Scott who still runs microDot, a trance label and electronic instrument store in Cape Town...) and others started again after many year of standby (In Absentia, Simbolo).

More details and links to some of the bands websites can be also found in the info file of each track and on Discogs.

Download side A (including cover and notes)
Download side B

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